There are many girls in the Gambia who are victorious in Science fields through senior school and University, and many who frequently perform at the top of their classes, but many girls lose hope when it comes to actually preparing and interviewing for professional technology positions. The Gambia has women in technology fields, but on average there are far fewer females than males. Women who are studying this field should be encouraged to continue it. Right now, many girls in this field leave it because they think computer jobs are too difficult and they lose confidence at some point. So, HackathonGirls is a platform to bring these girls together and encourage them to continue forward.


To solve this, HackathonGirls club of Banjul meets weekly on hands-on training sessions like coding etc, the club is created also to bring in successful women from Gambia’s tech companies to share their experiences and provides a forum for support as girls make the jump from achieving university degrees to landing their first jobs as IT Experts. Obstacles faced were on convincing these girls to join the club, but with motivation and including fun in the sessions and working in groups, they are able to have 10 Tech Girls as members.