Our Programs

We run STEM based projects for young girls aimed at equipping them with the requisite skills to solve problems around them.


We want our younger women to explore different aspects of what it means to be an engineer in a fun, hands-on environment. Girls will learn leadership skills such as goal setting and effective communication, and engage in activities that showcase different engineering disciplines. Participants will also design and create engineering projects throughout the week under the guidance of our Engineering Mentors and Institutions.


The aim is to arm young women who have a vested interest in science with the skills and confidence to pursue higher education and/or a career in STEM fields. At HackathonGirls, we recognize that accessing and participating in STEM fields for women and girls is critical to achieving gender equality.


The aim is to provide participants with the skills they need so they can be informed contributors and creators of digital world. We want to help shift the default to one where women have a strong, equitable role in reading, writing and participating on the web - and, ultimately, help lead the next wave of openness, innovation and inclusive opportunities online.


Poor participation of girls in mathematics is particularly troubling, as this is a gateway discipline to other fields. It is not only advantageous to have studied intermediate or advanced level mathematics at secondary school, but in many cases it is requisite to tertiary study in STEM disciplines, such as engineering and computing and we hope to organize programs to encourage more girls to do their maths well.